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We hope that you and your family are well! With increased social distancing in effect, we have made a few adjustments to help keep you safe and provide you with the car repair service you need during this time.

Increased Vehicle Sanitation

Each vehicle will have the inner and outer door handles, steering wheel, shift knob, radio buttons, ignition key, turn signal stalks and center console disinfected at the beginning of service and at completion.

Remote Consultation

Scheduled Appointments - Please call us 587-6968 to schedule an appointment.

Drop Off- Call us to verify we have all of your information and repair needs. Then, there is no need to come inside during regular business hours. When you drop off your vehicle during business hours leave your key in the ignition.

Repair - We will update you on your repair and schedule pickup arrangements using the phone.

Payment - We can take payment over the phone via a credit card and place your receipt inside your vehicle. If you prefer to use cash or check you can come inside.

Spring Specials

Get your vehicle ready for spring with $10 off any repair or service over $100 and $20 off and repair or service above $200. Limited time, check the SPECIALS tab above.


Technical Cowboy Automotive in Cody, Wyoming has been delivering professional auto repair and maintenance for domestic and foriegn cars, SUVs and trucks since 2003. Charles Cloud, the owner of Technical Cowboy Automotive, holds the ultimate Automotive Service Excellence designation: ASE World Class Master Technician. Only a handful of America's top auto mechanics earn this honor every year - Charles and seventeen others were in the Class of 2007.

Your car, truck or SUV is a big investment. Keeping it in perfect operating condition is the smart thing to do. We keep you going with expert maintenance and repairs at fair prices. Not only will your vehicle last longer, it will cost you less to drive.

Technical Cowboy Automotive is a NAPA Care Center and qualifying repairs include a 24 month, 24,000 mile NAPA Care Care Warranty good at 14,000 NAPA Car Care Centers in America. We're also the only AAA Approved Auto Repair Shop in Cody, Wyoming.

Whether you're local or visiting Cody and travelling on to Yellowstone National Park on vacation, Technical Cowboy Automotive gives you professional results with nationwide guaranteed peace of mind. Stop by or call for an appointment. We look forward to meeting you.

Stay Safe With a Free Brake Inspection

red hot brake disc Technical Cowboy Automotive Cody, Wyoming

Most people don't think about their vehicle's brakes until something goes wrong. Modern braking systems have long service intervals but perform a tremendous amount of work. That requires periodic inspection, maintenance and replacement of parts that wear out.

The brakes on your vehicle convert kinetic energy into heat through the friction of brake pads or shoes acting on discs or drums. How much energy? Enough to raise the temperature of your brakes to about 400 degrees Fahrenheit during normal street driving. Add towing, heavy loads and steep roads like the ten percent grade of US 14A between Dayton and Lovell and brake temperatures can easily reach 800 degrees Fahrenheit.

Brake pads and shoes wear out and if they're not replaced before making metal-to-metal contact, brake discs and drums will be ruined.

Brake fluid is the connection between the brake pedal and brakes. It must be drained and replaced at periodic intervals, usually two years. Because brake fluid absorbs moisture from the air, the replacement interval is based on time, not miles. Moisture in brake fluid not only causes a spongy pedal, it reduces the amount of stopping force that can be applied to the brake pads / shoes and that increases stopping distances. Old brake fluid also has a corrosive effect on internal brake system components.

Because brake system components wear gradually and brake fluid degrades gradually, many drivers don't feel the change in braking performance until an expensive repair is required or a panic stop cannot lock up the brakes.

Give Technical Cowboy Automotive a call today to schedule a free brake inspection for your safety and peace of mind.

Technical Cowboy Automotive Got Me Going

Ray Campbell of Technical Cowboy Automotive Cody WY replaces my battery

"It was raining when my battery died on Sheridan Avenue. It was 4:55PM when the tow truck appeared to give me a boost. After getting my car started, I immediately drove to Technical Cowboy Automotive.

"It was too late for the local parts distributor to deliver so one of the owners personally went to pick up the correct Group 59 battery for my car.

"Ray removed my old battery and installed the new NAPA battery in a few minutes. He also cleaned the battery leads and was very mindful of the paint on my car.

"I got to Technical Cowboy late in the day without making an appointment and everybody went out of their way with a clean, quick and professional installation of my new battery."

Stan - Cody

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