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Technical Cowboy Automotive offers complete maintenance and repair services for domestic and foreign cars, SUVs and trucks. The descriptions below illustrate the basic functions of major automotive systems that are present in every vehicle and highlight potential problem areas.

Knowing a bit about about how vehicles work helps consumers recongnize trouble sooner and minimize repair costs.

Techincal Cowboy Automotive services go far beyond the major categories listed below. We have the knowledge, experience, training, expertise and modern computerized diagnostic tools to take care of your vehicle from headlight to tailight. Feel free to call or stop by with any questions you may have.


The key to keeping your car or truck performing as new and lasting a long time is following the manufacturer's recommended maintenance schedule. Perhaps more importantly, scheduled maintenance is required to keep you safe in the weather and wilds of Wyoming where 50 miles out of town can literally be 50 miles from civilization. A weak battery, old serpentine belt or old radiator hose doesn't cost much to replace and prevent getting stranded at the worst possible time.

The technicians at Technical Cowboy Automotive have the skills and tools required to perform required maintenance on the newest domestic or foreign cars, SUVs and light trucks as well as the experience needed to keep older vehicles on the road. Our services also keep the warranty on your vehicle in effect.

It's important to note that Wyoming driving conditions typically qualify as severe duty. Call us or stop by to discuss if how and where you operate your vehicle calls for a severe duty severe duty maintenance schedule.

Your car or truck represents a significant financial investment and proper maintenance is the most cost effective way to keep drivings costs as low as possible. Give us a call to schedule an appointment today.


Modern engines are a mix of simple mechanical parts and complex, computerized control systems needed to attain today's mileage and emissions standards. Technical Cowboy Automotive's technicians are trained in and stay current in the latest technologies and use specialized tools to accurately diagnose and fix any engine issues short of a full rebuild.

If you see an Check Engine light on your dashboard or experience symptoms like rough running, stalling, cold or warm start problems or poor gas mileage don't hesitate to have us take a look. Often an inexpensive repair or adjustment will prevent an expensive failure.

Technical Cowboy Automotive's technicians haven't forgotten their way around older, analog, engine technologies. We've been around long enough to to have tuned and repaired thousands of carbureted engines. They may be simpler than today's fuel-injected and computerized powerplants but require skill and knowledge to keep them running well.


Transmissions have long scheduled service intervals and that keeps them out of mind until something goes wrong. Lack of maintenance or something as simple as using the wrong fluid can lead to shifting issues in automatics and prematurely won syncronizers in manual transmissions.

If your driving experience includes rough shifting, staying in lower gears at high speeds, grinding gears or slipping, get in touch with us. In some cases we can take car of the problem by using the correct automatic transmission fluid and installing new filter, replacing a solenoid or fixing a communication issue between the transmission and engine control unit (computer). We're experts in replacing clutches in manual transmissions and try our best to schedule one day repairs.


The cooling system of your vehicle maintains the engine's operating temperature within a required narrow range for fuel economy, emissions control and to keep it from self-destructing. It has to allow the engine to warm up quickly and also keep it cool at high loads and high speeds. It also heats the interior of your vehicle when necessary.

Today's cooling systems use a mixture of water and ethylene glycol anti-freeze as coolant in a pressurized system to keep it from boiling over at temperatures as high as 250F degrees and freezing in temperatures as low as – 30F degrees. A 50/50 mixture of water and antifreeze is required to achieve this performance. Pure antifreeze will boil at a lower temperature and freeze at a higher temperature than a 50/50 mixture.

Coolant must be flushed periodically to keep the cooling system operating properly and prevent corrosion which can destroy the water pump and cause internal engine damage. A simple coolant flush can prevent expensive repairs. Technical Cowboy Automotive can quickly test the cooling system on your car, SUV or truck to make sure the radiator, water pump, hoses, thermostat and coolant are all in good operating condition.

Coolant loss is not normal in modern vehicles. If you find yourself adding water to your cooling system or your water temperature gauge doesn't stay between cold and hot most of the time, get in touch with us right away.


Brake systems use hydraulics to press brake pads or shoes against brake rotors or brake drums to convert kinetic energy to heat to stop your vehicle. Brake pads, shoes, rotors, lines and drums wear in normal operation and must be inspected to avoid failures.

Brakes operate at very high temperatures. That's why regular brake fluid has a dry boiling point of 401F degrees. As brake fluid ages it absorbs moisture from the atmosphere. Moisture in brake fluid boils at 212F which is a much lower than normal brake operating temperatures. That's what causes a spongy brake pedal and increases stopping distances. Brake fluid requires periodic flushing to maintain brake system performance and prevent internal corrosion of brake system components. Brake fluid flushes are time dependent. Even if you don't drive your car the fluid needs to be flushed regularly.

Brake pads, shoes, rotors and drums all wear in normal use and must be periodically inspected to avoid premature component replacement. Rubber brake lines deteriorate over time and are subject to damage from road hazards. Many modern cars, SUVs and trucks have brake wear sensors that activate an instrument panel warning light. That same light can also indicate a low brake fluid condition.

Do not ignore a brake warning light. Worn brake pads cause destructive metal-to-metal contact and severely reduced braking performance. Brake fluid doesn't evaporate and low brake fluid means there's a leak in your brake system. No brake fluid means no connection between your brake pedal and brakes.

Technical Cowboy Automotive technicians know brake systems in old and new cars, SUVs and trucks inside and out. If your brake warning light is on, you have a soft brake pedal, your brakes make noise when applied, or your vehicle pulls to the side under braking don't wait to take action.


The exhaust system on a modern automobile, SUV or truck does much more than just decrease noise and route exhaust gasses away from the vehicle. Today's exhaust systems reduce pollutants and are an integral part of computerized engine management. Problems with your exhaust system can increase pollution, decrease fuel mileage and result in expensive repairs.

Engine performance depends on the correct air-to-fuel ratio. Meeting emissions standards requires means keeping that ratio in a very narrow range under all operating conditions. A critical component in measuring the air-to-fuel ratio is the oxygen sensor in the exhaust system. If the oxygen sensor fails, the engine computer defaults to a fuel rich condition which wastes fuel and can lead to premature failure of catalytic converters. Modern diesel engines are also emissions controlled and use diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) to treat exhaust gasses. A leaking exhaust not only increases noise but can introduce toxic gasses into the passenger compartment of your vehicle.

Because exhaust systems are located on the underside of vehicles, they are subject to on and off road hazards. Punctures, leaks and dents that constrict gas flow are common issues.

Technical Cowboy Automotive can install a new muffler or replace an entire exhaust system. We have the computerized diagnostic tools and experience required to make sure that exhaust components like oxygen sensors and catalytic converters critical to engine performance are operating properly. We also take care of customers looking for a sportier exhaust note for their muscle or sports cars.


Early automotive electrical systems had little more to do than provide power to the electric starter, ignition system (spark plugs) and lights. Today's cars, SUVs and trucks use an ECU or Engine Control Unit – a central computer – that not only controls the engine but virtually every system in the vehicle. Dozens of sensors constantly monitor virtually every automotive system, feed data to the ECU and other on board computers which constantly adjust the operation of every motitored monitored system. Sensors, connections and even computers can all fail.

The complexity is staggering and diagnosing electrical issues in today's vehicles requires computerized diagnostic tools that can pull error codes from automotive computers to pinpoint problems. Automotive Service Excellence testing and recertification keeps Technical Cowboy Automotive technicians qualified to work all electrical systems on all makes and models, both foreign an domestic.

Surprisingly, the lead acid starter battery is still the most common electrical system failure point on old and new cars, trucks and SUVs. The battery must provide power in Beartooth Pass winters and Death Valley summers and is often neglected.

Most drivers would think a short 2 mile trip to the store is easy on both car and the battery. In fact, short trips kill batteries. Starting a car takes power out of the battery and the alternator can't bring the battery back up to fully charged during short trips. The more time an automotive battery spends at less than 100% state-of-charge, the shorter its lifespan. Stop by today for a free battery load test. There's no convenient place or good time to get stuck. If your car, SUV or truck needs a new battery, we can install a competitively priced guaranteed NAPA brand replacement while you wait.


The only contact between your vehicle and the road is a few square inches of tire. Acceleration, braking and cornering all depend on tire contact patches and the job of your car, SUV or truck suspension system is to keep your tires in contact with the road as much as possible. Smoothing out the ride for passengers and cargo is a secondary but very important task for suspension systems.

Suspension systems have come a long way from the solid and beam axles popular through the sixties. Today, even off-roaders come equipped with sophisticated multi-link independent suspensions on both axles that keep wheels and tires in optimal alignment to road surfaces under all conditions.

Shock absorbers and struts are common replacement items that should be checked periodically for leaks. Independent suspension systems have many rubber and plastic isolators and bushings that can fail with age and use. Worn shocks, struts and bushings not only ruin the ride of your vehicle, they negatively affect its handling and can throw out wheel alignment and wear ou t tires.

A rough ride, squeaks or noises while driving over bumps, increased sway in turns or crosswinds or unusual tire wear means it's time for the professionals at Technical Cowboy Automotive to take a close look under your vehicle.


Anybody younger than forty years old probably cannot remember ever riding in a car, truck or SUV without air conditioning.

Air conditioning failure is typically caused by a refrigerant leak or mechanical compressor failure. Do not operate your vehicle's air conditioning if it isn't putting out COLD air. A refrigerant leak is easily fixed but the refrigerant is also the lubricant for the air conditioning compressor. Warmer air conditioning can not only be a sign of a refrigerant leak, it can signal your compressor grinding itself to death. And those tiny bits of finely ground compressor are carried through the entire air conditioning system and cause blockages that cannot be cleaned out.

Once again, paying attention to a small change in the performance of an automotive system can prevent thousands of dollars in repairs. Technical Cowboy Automotive can keep your air conditioning ice cold, your compressor running for tens of thousands of miles and you comfortable wherever and whenever you drive.

Additionally, it's important to note that air conditioning refrigerant has changed significantly over the years. Older systems were designed to use refrigerant that has now been outlawed for environmental reasons. The professionals at Technical Cowboy Automotive not only repair older systems, they can modify those systems to operate efficiently on modern refrigerant.


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